Golden Tate’s Taunt Touchdown: Love It or Hate It?

The subreddit debate on Golden Tate’s taunt touchdown – what did the fans think?

Golden Tate’s taunt touchdown sparked a heated debate among NFL fans on Reddit.


  • Golden Tate’s taunting divided fans – some loved it, some hated it
  • Opinions varied based on team allegiance and personal preferences
  • The incident added entertainment value for some and sparked anger for others

Fan Reactions

As a Seahawks fan, Hail_the_Yale loved Tate’s move but admitted it would’ve hurt if it was against his team

Taunting in Madden

LegalEggplants, a gaming enthusiast, enjoyed taunting in Madden games for increased entertainment

Social Media Backlash

SamLaPorta highlighted the backlash Tate faced on social media for the taunt