Get Ready for the Golf Season: Reddit Users’ Excitement and Woes

As the golf season approaches, Reddit users share their mixed feelings of excitement and concerns about the upcoming season.

As golf season approaches, Reddit users are buzzing with anticipation and concerns.


  • Weather fluctuations affect golfers’ enthusiasm
  • Golfers’ readiness for the upcoming season varies
  • Issues like pace of play and winter challenges are mentioned

Golfers’ Mixed Feelings

For some, the weather has been a rollercoaster, impacting their golf plans. In Ohio, a Redditor shared the frustration of good weekdays followed by terrible weekends due to unpredictable weather.

Seasonal Challenges

Winter playing experiences varied, with some feeling like they never stopped playing, while others faced slow play on cart-path-only courses. Despite challenges, the excitement to hit the course after winter remains high.

Regional Perspectives

Regional differences impact golfers’ experiences, with users from places like Louisiana enjoying long golf seasons. Meanwhile, golfers in snowy areas like Denver are bracing for unexpected twists in weather.