Fun and Creative Ways to Display Old Race Bibs

Discover inventive ways to showcase your old race bibs with these fun ideas shared by fellow runners.

A runner seeks creative ideas for displaying their collection of old race bibs dating back to 2002.


  • Turn old race bibs into fabric for clothing.
  • Create framed collages or wall decorations with race bibs.
  • Display bibs on doors, walls, or tote bags.
  • Repurpose bibs as a presentation book or a weed barrier.

Using Race Bibs Creatively

Many users shared innovative ways to repurpose old race bibs. One user transforms them into fabric for functional clothing, while another opts for framed collages as decorative pieces.

Embracing the Memories

Several users express sentimentality towards their bibs, with one using them as motivation and decor in their daily routine. The emotional attachment to these keepsakes adds a personal touch to their display.

Practical Solutions

From using bibs on doors for limited space to crafting tote bags and presentation books, runners find practical applications for their collections. Even as weed barriers, race bibs find unconventional yet useful roles in gardening.

Finding new ways to showcase old race bibs not only preserves memories but also adds a unique touch to decor and functionality.