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Fujikura Speeder Evolution Shafts

Hey everyone, and thanks for stopping by – we’ve got some new shafts released by Fujikura to share with you for the 2015 golf season. These new shafts continue to use the proprietary ENSO tech from the legendary Speeder series, but with ‘advanced materials’ in the specific sections of the shaft known to help contribute to swing speed. For these particular shafts, Fujikura added stronger materials right where the shaft often kicks. The result? More speed. Expect up to 2-3mph in swing speed, while still maintaining your launch and solid spin numbers.

These shaft feature:
– New TORAY material – “T1100G”
– Triax Core Technology Evolution (50 ton fibre)
– Low resin content prepreg (more graphite)

This shaft is coming, and Fujikura is currently accepting pre-orders. See the full specs below.

Model Flex Length Weight Torque Bend Spin Launch
Evolution 757 S 47 100 2.7 H L M
X 47 95 2.7 H L M
Evolution 757 TS S 47 95 2.6 H L L
X 47 90 2.6 H L L
Evolution 661 R 47 64 3.5 M M M
S 47 66 3.5 M M M
X 47 68 3.3 M M M
Evolution 661 TS S 47 68 3.5 M M M
X 47 68 3.5 M M M
Evolution 569 R2 47 57 3.7 M M M/H
R 47 58 3.7 M M M/H
S 47 59 3.5 M M M/H
Evolution 474 R2 47 47 4.6 L M M/H
R 47 49 4.6 L M M/H

Speeder Evolution Fujikura

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  1. I am looking to buy a new shaft for my TM sldr the original was the fujikura speeder 57 but I was looking to purchase the Fujikura speeder evolution 57 Can you tell me if this is a better choice to get the evolution thanks jim

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