FSU Petitioning NCAA to Rescind Penalties Related to NIL Violations – Golf and Racquet Sports Blog

Were the penalties on FSU fair? Let’s dive into the controversy surrounding NIL violations in college sports.

FSU is at the center of a controversy surrounding penalties related to NIL violations in college football. The university is petitioning the NCAA to rescind the penalties.


  • FSU faces repercussions over NIL recruiting violations.
  • Users debate the fairness of FSU’s punishment against the backdrop of widespread NIL violations across college football.
  • Some believe FSU might take legal action to challenge the penalties if the NCAA does not rescind them.

Opinions on the Penalties

One user pointed out the irony of FSU being penalized for NIL violations when such infractions seem prevalent across college football.

FSU’s Legal Battles

Another user humorously suggested that FSU’s law school is kept busy with lawsuits, including potential legal action against the NCAA over these penalties.

Perceptions of NCAA Penalties

Some users express dissatisfaction with NCAA penalties in general, believing they are overly harsh.

Many are curious to see how FSU’s petition will unfold and whether it will lead to further legal battles.