From NFL Stadium to Olympic Swim Meet: A Splash of Extravagance

Discussion on transforming an NFL stadium into an Olympic swim meet has users questioning the practicality and cost.

Users on Reddit are discussing the transformation of an NFL stadium into an Olympic Trials swim meet venue. The extravagant endeavor has evoked mixed reactions among users.


  • Debate over the exorbitant costs of the transformation.
  • Observations about the pool layout and seating arrangement.
  • Unexpected location confusion among users planning to attend.
  • Questions on the logistics of sealing the stadium for the event.

Costly Transformation

“While this was cool… this seems like an absurd amount of money to spend putting it here,” remarked Zimmonda, expressing concerns about the financial implications of the project.

Off-Center Design

BradMarchandsNose pointed out, “It’s really bothering me that those bleachers are off center with the pool,” drawing attention to a design flaw in the layout.

Location Confusion

“Damn the trials are in Indianapolis… I thought they were in Annapolis… gonna have to rebook my hotel,” shared rfox1990, highlighting the confusion some users faced regarding the event location.

Logistical Queries

“How do they seal it? Was expecting to see plastic welds,” questioned hoochblake, sparking a discussion about the practicalities of containing the water.

marcel-proust1, the author of the post on Reddit, shared the intriguing transformation of the NFL stadium into an Olympic Trials swim meet venue, initiating a lively debate among users. The ambitious project has stirred varied opinions, with some questioning the excessive costs involved while others ponder logistical aspects of the unconventional venue. Despite differing viewpoints, the fusion of sports and innovation continues to spark conversations in the online community.