Frogging the Frog: A Fishing Tale of Unexpected Joy

A skunk run turns into joy with a surprise catch!

BigBearBlazes shared a fishing tale that turned a skunk run into a moment of joy.


  • Unexpected catch brings joy amidst a skunk run
  • Community shares humorous stories of frog fishing
  • Frogs catching frogs – a surprising twist

Unexpected Joy

BigBearBlazes recounted a skunk run turned joyful with an unexpected frog catch, sparking amusement among fellow anglers.

Froggy Tales

FitfulSleep and Youwillgotosleep_ shared experiences of catching more frogs than fish with top water lures, adding a comical touch to the fishing narrative.

Surprising Encounters

UnrstledJimmies almost faced a similar frog-on-frog situation, highlighting the unpredictable nature of fishing escapades.