Franz Wagner’s Historic Game 7: From Hero to Zero

Discover the highs and lows of Franz Wagner’s performance in a shocking game 7.

Discover how Franz Wagner set a record in NBA history with his 1/15 shooting performance.


  • Franz Wagner makes history with a 1/15 shooting performance in game 7.
  • Users express disappointment over Wagner’s poor performance impacting their team’s results.
  • Some comments highlight the impact of coaching decisions during the game.
  • The community jokes about Wagner’s shooting percentage and its biblical similarity.


In a series of poor field goal performances, Wagner’s shooting struggles directly correlate with the team’s losses, setting a somber tone for the matches.


Humorously remarking on the dominance of European players in the NBA, hinting at a trend in taking over records in the league.


Expresses disappointment in Wagner’s crucial game 7 performance, fearing the impact on the team’s future dynamics and stressing about the upcoming offseason.