Fourteen Golf Gelong D CT214 Driver

Hi everyone, thanks for stoping by. Today we’re going to share a quick post with you on a new driver that was spotted on the USGA conforming list from Fourteen Golf.  You will likely recall Fourteen Golf for their famous minimalist blade and wedge designs, well here’s a new driver they recently tested in 6, 8, 9.5, 10.5 degrees.  Enjoy the pictures below – looks like a solid club.

R2013-0189 R2013-0188


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  1. Thanks Alan – getting our hands on these clubs ain’t easy as they are mostly prototypes of real drivers coming to market/or not depending on what the company decides. Fourteen Golf rarely shows up on the USGA conforming list though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this stick will be available for reviews sometime in the summer/fall.

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