Former Eagles Running Back Boston Scott Signs with Los Angeles Rams: Fan Reactions

Former Eagles running back Boston Scott signs one-year deal with Rams. Fans react with mixed emotions.

Former Eagles running back, Boston Scott, has reached an agreement with the Los Angeles Rams for a one-year deal, as per sources.


  • Fans express mixed feelings about Scott’s move to the Rams.
  • Some highlight Scott’s performance against the Giants.
  • Comments range from fond farewells to criticisms of Scott’s stature.

Excitement for the Future

Many fans are excited to see what Scott can bring to the Rams and anticipate potential revenge games against the Eagles.

Critical of Performance

Some fans express disappointment in Scott’s performance and question his potential impact with the Rams.

Mixed Emotions

Fans reflect on Scott’s time with the Eagles, sharing both positive and negative memories of his contributions to the team.

A lot is buzzing around the football world as Boston Scott makes a move to the Rams. Fans are split on their feelings towards the former Eagles running back – some are optimistic about his potential with his new team while others remain critical of his past performances. The community is abuzz with discussions about Scott’s strengths and weaknesses, creating a dynamic atmosphere surrounding this player’s transition.