For the Ladies: XXIO Introduces the Next Generation: XXIO9

Hey there, thanks for coming by again. It’s always exciting to see the game of golfer develop even further, especially in the women’s department.

XXIO introduces their next generation of clubs with the XXIO9 series. These clubs will be available in stores this coming December 8th just in time for the Christmas season. These new clubs will run with a minimum advertised price of $649.99 for the driver, $429.99 for each fairway wood, $279.99 for each of the utility clubs, $1049.99 for a 5-club iron set and $210.00 for each individual iron.

The new technology that appears in the XXIO9 series is exciting. Helping maintain wrist cock longer to create a change in head path without any swing adjustment. With and exclusive design for woman golfers that helps them achieve their maximum power potential, the XXIO9 women’s driver sends the ball 4.1 yards further then the equivalent driver in the XXIO8 series. Similarly, the women’s fairway woods, utility clubs and irons also deliver greater distance than their predecessors.


With an elegant, simple and engaging design, the new XXIO9 women’s series make playing the game of golf more enjoyable. The head and sole feature soft curves, while the crown is accented with a bright blue and the shaft with an attractive dotted pattern. Even the plaque features a pink accent for added style – WOO

The XXIO9 women’s driver features an original shaft and heavier head that alters the head path during the first half of the downswing, raising head speed and increasing distance.

This exclusive lightweight shaft for the XXIO9 women’s clubs, 38 grams, is lighter than its predecessor and offers a CG even closer to the grip, which results in heigh head speed.


The heavier head and newly developed Wing Cup Face further increases the ball speed which inturn helps to increase distance. The heavier head maximizes kinetic energy at the moment of impact, while the newly developed cup face with its expanded flare from toe to heel offers a 10% largers sweet spot than any previous model.

Women golfers will find it easier to get the ball airborne and enjoy higher carry distance as the XXIO9 have repositioned the weight backwards in the club by placing the thicker part of the head toweard the rear and side, which results in an even deeper and lower centre of gravity.


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