Florida Panthers Roster Moves: A Journey to the 2024 Stanley Cup

Exploring r/hockey’s reactions to the Florida Panthers’ major roster moves.

Exploring the reactions of r/hockey users to the Florida Panthers’ key roster moves that shaped their 2024 Stanley Cup-winning team.


  • Users are amazed by the flurry of acquisitions made by the Panthers in a short span.
  • The absence of response to Carter Verhaeghe’s acquisition is noted with disappointment.
  • Impressions of Paul Maurice’s hiring diverged greatly from initial reactions.
  • Fans express nostalgia and amusement looking back on past trade reactions.

Reactions to Panthers’ Moves

Reddit users expressed sheer amazement at the multitude of key acquisitions the Panthers made in a short timeframe. The additions of players like Forsling, Montour, Bennett, Reinhart, and Tkachuk left many in awe of the team’s transformation.

Paul Maurice’s Impact

While initial reactions to Paul Maurice’s hiring were negative, his eventual success with the team showcased a stark contrast. Fans highlighted the shift in perception from skepticism to admiration as Maurice proved to be a perfect fit for the Panthers.

Nostalgia and Amusement

Users fondly reminisced about past trade reactions, particularly referring to the Tkachuk trade and the initial praise for the Bennett deal. The retrospective view provided a mix of nostalgia and amusement at the community’s past assessments.

Number333 shared insights into the unique construction of the Panthers’ team, highlighting the impact of key players like Lundell and the evolution of perceptions on certain trades over time. The comments reflected a blend of astonishment, amusement, and appreciation for the journey that led to the Florida Panthers’ success.