Florida CB Ethan Pouncey Transfers to Georgia Southern – A Surprising Move?

Exploring the unexpected transfer of Ethan Pouncey from Florida to Georgia Southern and the reactions from fans.

Florida cornerback Ethan Pouncey’s transfer to Georgia Southern sparks a mix of reactions from fans in the CFB subreddit.


  • Fans express surprise at the transfer from Florida to Georgia Southern.
  • Comments discuss the trend of recruits transferring to lower schools.
  • Pouncey’s limited playing time at UF raises questions about his impact.
  • Debate arises regarding the offer choices Pouncey had as a recruit.

Surprise Transfer

Some fans are taken aback by Ethan Pouncey’s decision to transfer from a major program like Florida to Georgia Southern, a smaller school.

Recruits Transferring

The trend of recruits leaving top programs for lower-tier schools is noted, with speculation about the reasons behind this shift.

Limited Playing Time

Pouncey’s meager playing time at UF prompts discussions about his performance and potential impact at his new school.

Recruitment Offers

Fans analyze the array of offers Pouncey had as a recruit, contrasting between Power 5 and Group of 5 schools he considered.