Flat Feet Recovery Tips in Yoga – Regain Your Balance!

Learn how to improve your flat feet condition and enhance your yoga practice with these helpful tips.

Special_Fisherman_55 just started yoga and discovered flat feet, making balancing poses challenging. Seeking advice on how to regain foot arch.


  • Discover practical ways to support flat feet during yoga practice.
  • Utilize exercises like ‘toe yoga’ and foot strengthening techniques.
  • Consider wearing barefoot style shoes for improved foot health.

Users’ Insights

Physical therapist recommends ‘toe yoga’ exercises for flat feet recovery, emphasizing consistency for best results.

YogiBarelyThere suggests physiotherapy alongside yoga to strengthen specific foot muscles for enhanced balance and arch support.

Happy_haircut advocates for barefoot style shoes such as Xero to promote foot health and comfort during yoga practice.

Enemyofusall shares personal experience with fire toes exercises, gradually increasing duration to alleviate flat feet discomfort in balancing postures.