Finding the Best 85 Cent Paddle for Your Game

Looking to enhance your game with an 85 cent paddle? Dive into the hilarious discussion on Reddit for some unconventional suggestions!

Are you tired of winning too easily with your current paddle? Want to challenge yourself with the worst paddle possible? Let’s see what Reddit users recommend for the best 85 cent paddle!


  • Reddit users suggest unconventional items as paddles
  • Humor and creativity shine in the recommendations
  • Suggestions range from kitchen utensils to thrift store finds
  • The conversation showcases the fun community spirit

XDCaboose’s Ingenious Suggestion

XDCaboose’s idea of using glued fingers as a paddle adds a hilarious twist to the discussion. Imagine the challenge and absurdity of playing with such a ‘paddle’! The community’s creativity truly shines through in suggestions like this.

InBeardWeTrust’s Unique Proposal

InBeardWeTrust’s suggestion of a used BDSM paddle brings a touch of humor and practicality to the conversation. The idea of using a pre-broken paddle with a sweet spot highlights the fun and light-hearted nature of the discussion.

TGP-Global-WO’s Style Combo

The suggestion to pair the 85 cent paddle with fake Air Jordans introduces a style element to the gameplay. While unconventional, this recommendation adds a layer of personalization and flair to the equipment choices in pickleball.

DetBabyLegs’ Roadside Tip

DetBabyLegs’ idea of using a hubcap from the side of major roads brings a touch of adventure and resourcefulness to the discussion. The humor in opting for a road-find paddle shows the community’s lighthearted approach to the topic.