Feeling Disgruntled: Swing Review on the Fairway

Golfers share swings on Reddit, sparking mixed feedback from amused comments to supportive advice.

On Reddit, a golfer asks for feedback on their swing, receiving a range of comments from amused to supportive. Dive into the fairway fun here!


  • Golfers offer comedic and encouraging remarks on swing video.
  • Mentions of ‘Long Ball Larry’ and ‘Vertical Drop. Horizontal Tug!’ bring humor.
  • Positive vibes shine through the mixed bag of comments.

Reaction to Swing

Users found humor in the swing video, referencing ‘Long Ball Larry’ and ‘Vertical Drop. Horizontal Tug!’ to add a lighthearted touch.

Community Support

Amid the playful banter, there’s a sense of camaraderie as users cheer on the golfer, showing support for their efforts.

Golfing Fun

From jokes about drawing dicks to swing advice, the thread showcases the diverse and spirited nature of the golf community.