FedEx Invests in Memphis NIL Initiative: Impact on College Football

FedEx’s $5 million investment in Memphis NIL initiative sparks mixed reactions in the community.

When FedEx announced a 5-year, $5 million investment in the Memphis NIL Initiative, the news sparked a range of reactions on Reddit.


  • FedEx’s partnership with the Memphis NIL Initiative has divided opinions among fans.
  • Some see it as a positive move that could elevate Memphis in college football rankings.
  • Others criticize FedEx for allocating funds to sports initiatives while undergoing layoffs and cost-cutting measures.
  • Speculation arises regarding Memphis potentially joining a power conference like the ACC or Big 12.

Positive Reactions

One Reddit user expressed optimism, suggesting that the FedEx investment could position Memphis as a top contender in the AAC conference, hinting at future CFP aspirations.

Negative Sentiment

However, another user highlighted the disparity between the investment in sports and the recent layoffs and cost-cutting measures at FedEx, questioning the company’s priorities.

Potential Impact

The discussion also touched on the evolving landscape of college sports funding, with companies shifting towards NIL initiatives over traditional scholarships.