Fans Reflect on Matt Ryan’s Retirement: A Legacy of Excellence

Fans share mixed emotions as Matt Ryan retires, celebrating his legacy amid bittersweet memories.

Reflections on Matt Ryan’s retirement from fans in the NFL subreddit reveal a mix of gratitude, admiration, and wistfulness as they recall his career.


  • Fans laud Matt Ryan for bringing excellence and consistency to the Falcons.
  • Many express appreciation for Ryan’s contributions to the franchise’s history.
  • Some users reflect on the bittersweet memories of near misses in Ryan’s career.

Falcons’ Excellence

AL22193 admirably acknowledges Ryan’s impact, noting his dedication amidst the team’s struggles: “…this man brought some excellence and consistency for at least a short while, Falcons legend.”

Bittersweet Goodbyes

Phenergan_boy’s succinct comment captures the mixed emotions: “So close… Yet so far…”

Respect and Appreciation

GarlVinland4Astrea reflects on Ryan’s character and reputation: “Just a stand up guy who was well respected.”