Fans from USA Top Ticket Sales for Euro 2024 in Germany

Fans from the USA lead ticket sales for Euro 2024 in Germany sparking mixed reactions.

Despite the US leading ticket sales for Euro 2024 in Germany, the sentiment among fans is mixed, with some citing the country’s large immigrant population while others question if sales are driven by scalpers.


  • Large immigrant population in the US explains high ticket sales.
  • Concerns raised about scalpers influencing ticket purchase statistics.
  • Some fans question the authenticity of claims and express humor.

Immigrant Demographic

Many users attribute the high ticket sales from the USA to the country’s significant immigrant population, maintaining strong ties to their European roots and generating interest in European events.

Scalping Suspicions

Some users suggest that the ticket sales figures might be inflated due to scalpers, leading to skepticism about the actual number of fans purchasing tickets.

Inauthentic Claims

Several comments imply sarcasm or humor towards the situation, questioning the legitimacy of the claims and adding a light-hearted tone to the discussions.

The diverse perspectives and reactions from fans showcase a range of opinions surrounding the US’s dominance in Euro 2024 ticket sales, shedding light on the complexities of global sports fandom.