Exploring the Biggest ‘What-Ifs’ in the NFL

Delve into the NFL’s greatest ‘what-if’ scenarios and the impact they could have had on the league.

Ever pondered the NFL’s top ‘what-ifs’? Dive into the possibilities of iconic moments that could have altered history. From missed opportunities to pivotal decisions, these scenarios spark endless debates among fans.


  • Paul Brown choosing Ohio State over the NFL post-WW2 could have reshaped pro football founding
  • Imagine the NFL landscape if Mahomes had been drafted by a different team
  • The potential greatness of players like Michael Vick and Marshawn Lynch under different circumstances
  • The pivotal moments where a call or decision could have altered a player’s legacy

Captivating ‘What-Ifs’ in the NFL

Many fans speculate on what could have been if Paul Brown had returned to Ohio State post-WW2 instead of founding the Browns. His decision created a ripple effect influencing several franchises’ birth and evolution.

Missteps and Missed Opportunities

The draft is a treasure trove of ‘what-if’ moments. Consider Mahomes being selected by another team and imagine the impact on both his career and the franchises involved. A single decision that could have shifted the NFL’s balance of power.

The Untapped Potential

Players like Michael Vick and Marshawn Lynch spark debates on unrealized potential. Vick’s career trajectory could have been vastly different had he maximized his talent from the start. Meanwhile, Lynch’s infamous Super Bowl moment still haunts fans with its ‘what-if’ conclusion.

Lingering Legacy-Changing Moments

Controversial calls and overlooked details often dominate discussions. Whether it’s the infamous ‘Tuck Rule’ game or a missed pass interference call, these moments had the potential to rewrite NFL history and redefine players’ legacies.