Exploring Ashtanga: Finding the Right Online Practice

Looking to deepen your Ashtanga practice online? Discover tips from experienced yogis to find the perfect fit for you!

Looking to broaden your Ashtanga practice beyond in-person classes? Check out these insightful tips and recommendations from fellow yogis!


  • Explore online platforms like OmStars and Purple Valley Ashtanga for interactive Ashtanga classes.
  • Consider seeking live, interactive led classes for personalized feedback.
  • Understand that Ashtanga is a fixed sequence, but options like Mysore practice can offer flexibility.

Broadening Your Practice

As yoga enthusiasts seek to enhance their Ashtanga practice, the virtual world offers a myriad of opportunities. In a quest to delve deeper into Ashtanga beyond the constraints of physical classes, practitioners turn to online resources for guidance and inspiration.

Interactive Learning Experiences

One Reddit user highlighted the appeal of live classes where instructors provide direct feedback. Such real-time interactions can elevate the learning process and offer a more personalized approach to Ashtanga practice.

Understanding Ashtanga Sequences

While Ashtanga follows a fixed sequence, individuals can explore variations like Mysore practice to adapt to their schedules. By embracing the essence of Ashtanga and its traditional sequences, practitioners can find a harmonious blend of structure and flexibility in their practice.

Embark on your virtual Ashtanga journey with an open mind and a willingness to explore the diverse array of online resources available. By embracing the digital realm, you can expand your horizons and deepen your connection to the ancient practice of Ashtanga yoga.