Exclusive: NCAA CFB Game Cover Athlete Revealed in Juicy Interview!

Exciting scoop on the next NCAA CFB game cover athlete revealed in a thrilling interview!

In a recent BYU Sports Nation interview, Matt Brown confirmed that a current Big XII athlete will grace the cover of the next NCAA CFB game.


  • Fans speculate on potential cover athletes from various conferences.
  • Some hope for surprises like CFB mascots on the cover.
  • Debates arise on which players deserve the honor.

Juicy Details

Excitement brews as fans predict the cover athlete from the SEC, B1G, and Big XII.

Surprise Speculations

Some fans hope for unexpected picks like CFB mascots or lesser-known players on the cover.

Cover Controversies

Debates heat up over who truly deserves the prestigious title of cover athlete.

The buzz around the next NCAA CFB game cover athlete is electrifying, with fans eagerly anticipating the reveal and speculating on potential choices.