Exclusive Interview with Goran Ivanisevic: Inside Novak Djokovic’s Coaching Team

Goran Ivanisevic opens up about coaching Novak Djokovic in a hilarious and insightful interview.

In a recent interview, Goran Ivanisevic sheds light on his coaching journey with Novak Djokovic, revealing comedic anecdotes and deep insights into their bond.


  • Goran Ivanisevic’s honesty and humor shine through in the interview, making it a delightful watch.
  • Fans appreciate Ivanisevic’s unique coaching style and his close relationship with Djokovic.
  • The interview provides valuable insights into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of top-tier tennis coaching.

Absolutely Legendary

One user, LilPhatD, praises the interview as exceptional, highlighting Goran’s legendary status and his genuine affection for Novak.

Coach of Humor

Another user, AegineArken, points out a hilarious moment in the interview, emphasizing Ivanisevic’s fun personality that adds a unique touch to coaching.

Respect and Appreciation

Meneldor_hs expresses admiration for Novak Djokovic’s choice in coaches, recognizing Vajda and Ivanisevic’s remarkable impact on the Serbian player’s career.

Although some users anticipate negativity, the overall sentiment towards the interview with Goran Ivanisevic remains overwhelmingly positive.