Exciting Race Reports: From Half Marathons to Ultra Trails

Experience the thrill and challenges of recent races from dedicated runners sharing their adventures and triumphs in this lil’ race report thread!

The Li’l Race Report Thread is for writing a short report on a recent race or a run in a new place. If your race doesn’t really need its own thread but you still want to talk about it, then post it here! Both your good and bad races are welcome.


  • Runners recount their challenging yet rewarding experiences in recent races
  • Different perspectives on training, race strategies, and post-event reflections
  • Encounters with unexpected obstacles and personal triumphs shared

Fabulous Skirt8142: Bay Bridge Half Marathon

A runner describes the beautiful views and sense of accomplishment achieved during the Bay Bridge Half Marathon in Oakland, highlighting the joy of surpassing personal goals and the allure of future races.

New-Juice5284: Ice Age Trail 50k

Delving into the detailed segments of the Ice Age Trail 50k, this runner shares the physical and mental journey of tackling a challenging course, overcoming discomfort, and embracing the camaraderie of fellow participants.

aTrolley: Helsinki City Half Marathon

Reflecting on a second half marathon experience filled with valuable lessons learned, this account emphasizes the importance of pacing, strategic approaches, and the resilience required to navigate unexpected hurdles during a race.

EmlynHughesLaugh: Flying Pig Marathon

A tale of perseverance and unexpected obstacles unfolds as a runner recounts their challenging Flying Pig Marathon, highlighting the support of medical teams, the impact of extreme conditions, and the ultimate triumph of crossing the finish line.

TheFrontLine1: Golden Gate Bridge Run

An unconventional yet scenic run near the Golden Gate Bridge leads to encounters with wildlife and vibrant city scenes, showcasing the unique experiences that running can offer beyond traditional races

metao: Margaret River Ultra

Exploring the mix of beauty and physical challenges in the Margaret River Ultra, this account captures the balance between enjoyment and strategic restraint, setting the stage for future running endeavors