Everton’s Administration Fears with 777 Takeover: A Fan’s Perspective

Everton’s potential administration sparks fears among fans due to shady new owners.

Everton is facing uncertain times with the 777 takeover, leaving fans anxious and wary. The repercussions of this potential change of ownership have sparked a mixture of emotions among the fanbase.


  • 777 takeover puts Everton fans in a lose-lose situation
  • Fans express concern over potential shady new owners
  • Sadness and frustration over the club’s financial instability
  • Skepticism towards US investment in the Premier League

Concern among Fans

Many Everton fans, like ‘scouserontravels,’ express a mix of mockery and concern. They point fingers at the club’s current situation, criticizing Moshiri and the potential new owners.

Financial Instability

Fans like ‘Daver7692’ highlight the dilemma Everton faces—either accept dubious new owners or face deeper financial troubles. The uncertainty surrounding the club’s future is a major cause for distress.

US Investment in the Premier League

‘finn4life’ criticizes US investment in the Premier League, citing a track record of own goals this season. The sentiment towards foreign ownership is cautious and skeptical.

Despite the rollercoaster of emotions and uncertainties, Everton fans are vocal about their concerns and hopes for the club’s future.