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Golf! Robots! Prizes! Welcome to OneShot Golf

The only thing better than actually playing mini-golf is sitting on your couch, and controlling robots while they play mini-golf. Amirite?!? Good news! We found a place where you can do just that. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I recently came across OneShot Golf while on TikTok (yes.. I’m on TikTok, no […] More

Golden Tee Mobile – Shots of the Week – March 27, 2021

Although I’ve strayed a bit this week as I explore WGT (World Golf Tour), I managed to get in a few rounds of Golden Tee Mobile as well. I’ll often watch these Golden Tee Mobile Shots of the Week videos and think, “ya.. if the moon and stars aligned, I could probably hit that shot”. […] More

Golden Tee Meets the PGA Tour

Golden Tee has become a real favourite in our office. Between our vintage 2005 machine and the mobile app, it’s safe to say that we’ve played our fair share. The one knock on it (and it’s not really a knock) is that the courses and players aren’t based on real life. Until now. Incredible Technologies […] More

Tiger Woods Signs With 2K

Let’s be honest… has there really been a golf video game better than the ones from the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise? (the answer is no) After a few years away from starring in a video game, Tiger Woods has signed a long term deal with 2K. Although we don’t know exactly what the deal […] More