Erik ten Hag Bans Three Newspapers from Press Conference – Fan Reactions

Erik ten Hag’s decision to ban three newspapers from his press conference sparks mixed reactions amongst fans.

Erik ten Hag’s ban on three newspapers at his press conference has soccer fans divided. Some support his stance on disrespectful reporting, while others see it as an overreaction, sparking humor and debate.


  • ten Hag bans newspapers for ‘disrespectful’ reporting
  • Fans split on supporting or criticizing the ban
  • Humorous suggestions on how to handle the situation

Fan Reactions

Some fans applaud ten Hag for taking a stand against perceived disrespect in reporting, believing it’s a necessary move to maintain professionalism and integrity. Others criticize the ban, suggesting it may be an overreaction that hampers journalistic freedom.

Humorous Take

One fan humorously suggests emulating ex-manager LVG’s memorable press conference moments by inviting a certain reporter into the room. The humor adds a light-hearted touch to the controversy surrounding the ban.

Call for Unity

Another fan calls for a unified front against a specific newspaper, emphasizing the low value they believe it contributes to sports reporting. This comment reflects a desire for clubs to take a stand against media outlets deemed undesirable by fans.