Embiid’s Controversial Move Sparks Outrage Among Fans

Fans express disbelief after Embiid’s contentious play leaves Anunoby floored.

Embiid’s recent screen on Anunoby sparked heated debates among NBA fans.


  • Fans question the lack of reaction from commentators.
  • Many express disbelief at the lack of foul call.
  • Some criticize Embiid for his actions on the court.


One fan expressed puzzlement, saying, ‘the heck is that.’ Another wondered, ‘What the hell was the ref looking at,’ highlighting the confusion over the officiating.


Fans criticized the referees and commented, ‘How do the commentators not even react…like the league told them they can’t criticize the refs.’ This sentiment was echoed by many who felt the lack of response was concerning.


One user called it a ‘Masterclass of a dirty game’ from Embiid, while another mentioned, ‘He is protected it’s crazy,’ alluding to perceived bias in favor of the player.