Elliotte Friedman Drops Bombshell Comments on Carolina Hurricanes Players

Friedman’s comments spark debate among hockey fans on future of Canes players. What’s next for Carolina?

Elliotte Friedman’s recent comments on Martin Necas and Brett Pesce have sent Carolina Hurricanes fans into a frenzy. The well-known insider hinted at potential upheaval in the lineup, leaving many wondering about the team’s direction.


  • Friedman suggests that Martin Necas may not find success with the Canes.
  • Carolina buying out Kotkaniemi raises eyebrows among fans.
  • Speculation surrounds Brett Pesce’s future with the team.

Debate Among Fans

Carolina’s potential buyout of Kotkaniemi sparked a mix of reactions, with one user inviting Habs fans to chime in: “Alright Habs fans, the floor is yours. Merry Christmas.”

Surprise Signings?

Dysliptic expressed positivity toward Kotkaniemi’s signing, hinting at potential surprises in player transactions.

Humorous Response

One user reacted to Friedman’s comments with amusement, mockingly laughing at the situation: “HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH LMFAO.”

Fan Speculation

As fans anticipate a roster retool, Venaixis94 noted the start of a new chapter for the Hurricanes.

In light of shifting sentiment, darklightrabbi predicted a change in fan perception following Necas’s recent developments.