EA College Football Release Date July 19: Fans React to Ultimate Team Mode

Mixed reactions from fans as EA announces the release date for College Football with an Ultimate Team mode.

EA recently announced the release date for College Football on July 19. The subreddit is buzzing with excitement and skepticism.


  • Fans are divided over the inclusion of an Ultimate Team mode, with concerns about its impact on the traditional Dynasty Mode.
  • The timing of the full reveal after the countdown clock has sparked mixed feelings among users.
  • Some fans are skeptical of the value of the deluxe edition and the additional cost for virtual add-ons.

Fans’ Excitement

The countdown to the release date has fans eagerly anticipating the game, with many discussing their plans to purchase it despite the reservations.

Ultimate Team Debate

Some fans are excited about the Ultimate Team mode, seeing it as a new challenge and an opportunity to enhance their gaming experience. Others are concerned that it may overshadow the beloved Dynasty Mode.

Deluxe Edition Doubts

Questions about the value of the deluxe edition and the added benefits compared to the standard version have led to debates among fans, with some expressing reluctance to pay the extra cost.