DUPR Rating System in Pickleball: Broken or Misunderstood?

Discover the controversy surrounding the DUPR rating system in pickleball and why players have mixed feelings about its accuracy.

In the world of pickleball, the DUPR rating system has stirred up quite a debate among players and enthusiasts. Is the system broken, or is it simply misunderstood? Let’s dive into the facts and opinions circulating around this controversial topic.


  • The ever-evolving algorithm of DUPR has sparked concerns among players, with accusations of inconsistent point calculations and rankings.
  • Delays in result entries post PPA/MLP conflict have raised questions about the system’s efficiency and data accuracy.
  • The inclusion of recreational matches in DUPR has led to skepticism and calls for a more tournament-focused rating system.

Player Experiences

One user highlighted the flaws in ranking systems across various sports and emphasized the need for a starting point despite DUPR’s imperfections. They cautioned against putting too much emphasis on DUPR ratings, citing it as just a game or hobby.

Another user disagreed with the relevance of the arguments presented, expressing low confidence in DUPR ratings but acknowledging the ongoing algorithm improvements.

DUPR-Scott, a representative, addressed algorithm changes, match delays, and fraud detection concerns. They defended Ben Johns’ rating and the system’s ambition, dismissing criticisms from clubs switching to alternative rating systems.

One frustrated player shared their experience of duplicate matches and inaccurate data in DUPR, highlighting the system’s flaws in maintaining correct information.

Community Sentiments

A skeptic voiced their mistrust in DUPR, stating zero reliance on the system for valid ratings.

Amidst the criticisms, a user offered insights into the complexities of ranking in pickleball doubles, emphasizing the unique challenges it presents compared to other sports. They recognized DUPR’s attempt to capture these nuances, albeit imperfectly.

The discussion reflects a mix of frustration, skepticism, and acknowledgment of the challenges in accurately rating pickleball players through the DUPR system. While some advocate for improvements and transparency, others remain disillusioned with its current state.