Drop Bounce Serve in Pickleball: Legal or Foul Play?

Are you dropping the ball legal or setting yourself up for a foul serve in pickleball? Let’s find out!

Exploring the legality of drop bounce serves in pickleball and how it impacts your gameplay.


  • Feet placement crucial for a legal serve.
  • Check official rulebooks for clarity.
  • Comments suggest varying interpretations.

Legal Dilemma

Islerothebull raises a valid concern about their serving technique, questioning if their drop bounce serve might be crossing into illegal territory.

Community Insights

The pickleball community on Reddit seems split on the issue, with some emphasizing the importance of foot placement at the moment of impact, while others provide references to official rulebooks for clarification.

Expert Opinions

Experts like soundwithdesign stress the need for comprehensive details to determine the legality of a serve, urging players to consider their exact foot positioning during the serve.

Exploring different perspectives and rule interpretations can help players navigate the nuances of the game and ensure fair play on the court.