Dreaming of Liga La Reconquista: Alternate Soccer Leagues and Imaginary Realities

Exploring a world where historical events shape unique soccer leagues in North America.

Imagining a soccer league born out of alternate history where French-speaking countries occupy North America.


  • Reimagining North American soccer leagues with fascinating historical twists.
  • League structures involving promotion/relegation spark creative musings.
  • Fans express excitement and nostalgia for past teams in hypothetical leagues.
  • Some fans critique current practices within existing leagues.

Exciting Historical Scenarios

Love me some alternate history. What if the Louisiana purchase never happened, leading to a French-speaking country in the North American Midwest? Imagine the soccer leagues that could emerge from that! – Count_Nocturne

Creative League Structures

I often fantasize about a 64-team ‘League’ with a 1st and second division. The best USL and Liga Ascenso teams joining MLS/Liga MX. Promotion/relegation battles add drama to every tier! – Scratchbuttdontsniff

Nostalgic Sentiments

If we bring back Loyal and Toros, why not revive Veracruz and Jaguares too? Connecting past and present teams sparks great memories! – Spirited-Crazy108

Current Critiques

This concept is cool, but it’s bittersweet. It highlights MLS’s lack of attention to Latino fans; there’s room for improvement in inclusivity. – OwlOnThePitch