Do You Have That One Friend in Your Golf Group?

Golfing solo vs. with friends – do you relate?

Have you ever had that one friend in your golf group who claims to be a pro but conveniently forgets to keep score? The struggle is real for many golfers! Let’s dive into the Reddit post that sparked a lively discussion among golf enthusiasts.


  • Playing better alone vs. with friends – a common debate.
  • A mix of frustration and amusement with friends who don’t keep score accurately.
  • Golf, the sport that brings out the competitive spirit in all of us.

Friendship Dynamics

Many golfers resonated with the struggle of having that one friend who claims to be a golf prodigy but conveniently struggles to keep an accurate score. User justaguy826 highlighted how playing solo allows for better focus and performance, contrasting the distractions that come with competitive friends.

Rivalry and Fun

Some users, like 0_SomethingStupid, found amusement in the situation, acknowledging that while their friend may not be the best scorer, the camaraderie and enjoyment of playing together outweigh the need for intense competition. It’s all about striking the right balance between rivalry and fun on the course.

Solo Success

On the flip side, users like CoffeeBoy80 shared their successes when playing solo, emphasizing the ability to concentrate and achieve lower scores when flying solo. The debate between solo success and social enjoyment continues to fuel discussions among golfers.