Do You Have 3+ College Football Fandoms? You’re Not Alone

Explore the world of college football fandoms with multiple allegiances and discover why many fans cheer for more than one team.

College football fans with 3+ fandoms unite! Let’s dive into the fascinating world of supporting multiple teams. Ever wondered what it’s like to root for not one, not two, but three college football teams? Well, you’re not alone. Reddit user TyroTitan14 sparked a discussion by sharing their super weird mix of CFB fandoms and opened the floodgates for others to reveal their multiple allegiances.


  • Supporting 3+ CFB teams can be a wild ride, with fans juggling allegiances and traditions.
  • Having ties to different schools or regions often leads to diverse fandoms and unexpected loyalties.
  • Rooting for multiple teams can offer a unique perspective on the college football landscape.
  • Many fans find joy in embracing various traditions and cheering for underdog teams.

Ole Miss, the Berkeley of the South?

Reddit user OttoVonWong humorously compares Ole Miss to the Berkeley of the South, pointing out the unique vibes of different college campuses and fan bases. This lighthearted take showcases the diversity and quirks of college football fandoms, illustrating the fun in embracing multiple teams.

The Exhausting Saturdays

Zealousideal_Plum866 raises an interesting point about the potential exhaustion of supporting more than two teams on game days. The intensity of juggling multiple fandoms during the season can add an extra layer of excitement and stress to Saturdays, making each game a rollercoaster of emotions.

A patchwork of Fandoms

NewRCTID22 adds a personal touch to the discussion, highlighting the intricate web of allegiances that can span across different states and cities. The patchwork of fandoms reflects the rich tapestry of college football culture, where individual stories weave a colorful narrative of team loyalties.