Djokovic, Nadal, and Alcaraz Shine at the Laureus Awards: A Fashion Face-off

Nadal’s aging appearance sparks humor and fashion critiques at the Laureus Awards.

A look at tennis stars Djokovic, Nadal, and Alcaraz at the Laureus Awards. Fans joke about Nadal’s aging and comment on the outfits.


  • Fans tease Nadal’s aging appearance, sparking humorous comparisons to movie characters.
  • Comments focus on fashion at the awards, with critiques and praise for the players’ attire.
  • Nadal’s sun-kissed look and Alcaraz’s bold choice of a blazer draw attention.

Djokovic’s Sharp Look

Many fans appreciate Djokovic’s stylish attire, with comments noting his polished appearance at the event. His suit receives praise for fitting him well and exuding elegance. Novak’s fashion sense seems to have won over several fans at the awards.

Nadal’s Aging Appearance

Fans humorously point out Nadal’s aging appearance at the Laureus Awards, making comparisons to movie characters and joking about his sun-kissed look. Some comment on his choice of attire and express surprise at his change in appearance over time. The playful banter around Nadal’s look adds a light-hearted touch to the discussions.

Alcaraz’s Bold Fashion Choice

Alcaraz’s unconventional double-breasted blazer becomes a topic of discussion among fans. While some appreciate his departure from the traditional tuxedo, others question if the style suits him. The mixed reactions to Alcaraz’s outfit show the diversity of opinions on the red carpet fashion.