Disney+ Adding ESPN Tile in 2024: Fans React to the Exciting News

Disney+ announces plans to add an ESPN Tile in 2024, sparking varied reactions from fans. Find out what users had to say!

Disney+ recently revealed its upcoming addition of an ESPN Tile in 2024, featuring select live games and studio programming available to watch within the streaming platform.


  • Fans are excited about the ESPN Tile integration on Disney+ for unique sports content.
  • Some users hope for quirky additions like animated characters announcing games.
  • There are mixed feelings about streaming services and the perceived value compared to traditional cable.

Reaction to ESPN Tile

“Definitely ESPN+ type content not actual ESPN or ESPN2,” observed one Redditor, emphasizing the content expectations.

Disney’s Streaming Innovation

“A nice step in the right direction. Still waiting on some service that will let me access all live sports programming,” shared a user, highlighting the demand for comprehensive sports packages.

Creative Suggestions

“We need a game where Donald and Goofy are the announcers,” proposed a fan with a playful idea for game commentary.

Meanwhile ESPN+ is still terrible,” critiqued another user, expressing dissatisfaction with an existing sports streaming service.

The Cable Dilemma

“Could we just go back to cable? It was a better deal than the dozen streaming services we now have,” mused a Redditor, reflecting on the changing landscape of entertainment consumption.

Overall, fans are intrigued by the integration of sports content within the Disney+ platform, with hopes for engaging and innovative offerings that cater to diverse preferences and entertainment experiences.