Discovering Game Tokens in Grandpa’s Golf Bag Sparks Fun Golf Traditions

Unearthed tokens in a late grandpa’s golf bag lead to hilarious game conventions and stories among players.

Discover what a Reddit user found in their late grandpa’s golf bag that sparked new traditions in the game. Explore how these tokens have led to fun and interesting gameplay dynamics among golfers.


  • Players create unique markers for hitting specific hazards.
  • Traditions like ‘Animal’ and ‘Zoo’ involve assigning animals to golf blunders.
  • The markers add humor and competitiveness to rounds.

Animal Game Traditions

One Redditor shared a game involving hitting into corresponding hazards to claim markers until the next player takes them. This tradition adds a competitive edge to rounds, with players aiming to avoid holding any markers by the end.

The ‘Zoo’ Game

Another user described ‘Zoo,’ where animals like alligator and snake are assigned for water hazards and three-putts. The humorous consequences of being labeled an animal can lead to lighthearted moments on the course.

Community Exchange

Members of the Reddit community shared links to websites selling similar markers, showing the popularity of these quirky additions to golf games. One user even expressed interest in purchasing a set for themselves, highlighting the appeal of these unique tokens.

Golf Game Innovation

The use of game tokens in golf reflects the inventive ways players personalize their experiences on the course. From avoiding animals like owls and snakes to creating new markers based on personal experiences, these traditions add a fun and social aspect to the game.