Disappointment on the Golf Course: A Tough Break or Motivation to Excel?

After shooting a 40 on 9, a young golfer faces disappointment on the course. Will this setback fuel future success?

A young golfer expresses disappointment after being cut from the JV team despite shooting a 40 on 9 holes. Thoughts and advice flood in from fellow golfers on Reddit.


  • Disappointment fuels determination for future success.
  • Advice on handling setbacks and turning them into motivation.
  • Perspectives shared on junior varsity golf experiences.

Encouraging Reactions

While the golfer feels disheartened, fellow Redditors offer support and advice. Comments highlight the importance of resilience and maintaining a positive mindset in the face of setbacks. One user commends the young player’s dedication to continue improving.

Growing from Disappointment

Some share their own struggles in high school golf, emphasizing the need to persevere and focus on personal growth rather than comparing oneself to others. Encouragement to stay committed to practice and enjoy the journey is a common theme.

Perspective and Progress

Experiences vary widely in junior golf, with some recalling challenging tryouts and unexpected outcomes. The consensus remains that setbacks can lead to valuable lessons and eventual success with dedication and hard work.