Denver Broncos Decision on Zach Wilson’s Option Sparks Controversy in NFL Reddit

The Broncos’ choice to not pick up Zach Wilson’s option ignites heated discussions among NFL fans.

In a surprising move, the Broncos have opted not to exercise Zach Wilson’s 5th-year option, sparking debates and speculation among NFL enthusiasts. This decision has left many questioning Wilson’s value and potential future in the league.


  • The Broncos’ decision not to pick up Zach Wilson’s option has raised doubts about his performance and status.
  • Fans are split on whether Wilson deserves the $22 million 5th-year option based on his performance.
  • Some fans believe the 2021 1st-round QB class, including Wilson, has been underwhelming, attributing it to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reactions from Fans

“They can only overpay one Wilson at a time!” – Shakeamutt

Many fans express skepticism about Wilson’s performance and the overall 2021 QB class following the Broncos’ decision.

Potential Future for Zach Wilson

“It will be good for Zach to sit behind a seasoned pro like Bo Nix.” – cam_huskers

Speculation arises about the possibility of Wilson joining other teams in the future, with fans predicting potential scenarios.

Humorous Takes on the Situation

“Everybody knows you don’t pick up the 5th year option for incredibly disappointing 2nd overall draft picks after they’re traded. You do that for incredibly disappointing 3rd overall draft picks after they’re traded. It’s just science.” – milkmandanimal

Fans inject humor into the discussion by providing amusing interpretations and predictions regarding Wilson’s career.