Decoding the Financial Struggle of Non-PGA Tour Golfers

Exploring the financial challenges faced by non-PGA Tour golfers and how they make ends meet.

Have you ever wondered how non-PGA Tour golfers manage financially? Let’s dive into the world of these athletes striving to make it big in golf.


  • Non-PGA Tour golfers face significant financial challenges.
  • Sponsors play a crucial role in supporting these athletes financially.
  • Local club sponsorships and non-cash collaborations help sustain their careers.
  • They may not lead lavish lifestyles but manage to make a living playing golf.

The Financial Struggle

Non-PGA Tour golfers like David Skinns often face immense financial pressure. After years of trying, breakthroughs like finishing 4th at events become crucial milestones in their journeys.

The Role of Sponsors

Sponsors contribute significantly to non-PGA Tour golfers’ financial stability. While they may not receive huge payouts, multiple smaller sponsors help these athletes cover expenses.

Local Support and Agreements

Club-based sponsorships and agreements are common among non-PGA Tour golfers. These ties, often involving profit-sharing, help players navigate the financial challenges of competitive golf.

Average Earnings

While the allure of big paychecks may be missing, these golfers manage to earn enough to sustain their careers. With an average income of around $25,000 a year, dedication and resilience are key to their success.

Exploring the financial dynamics of non-PGA Tour golfers sheds light on the perseverance and passion that drive these athletes to pursue their dreams in the face of financial adversity.