Dealing with Slow Players: A Golfer’s Dilemma

Struggling with slow players on the course? Find out how Reddit golfers handle the frustration in this post!

One Reddit user finds themselves continually stuck behind slower players on the course, prompting mixed reactions from fellow golfers. The situation sparks a debate on etiquette and solutions in the golfing community.


  • Patience is key on the golf course, even when faced with slow players.
  • Some suggest skipping holes or playing less for a smoother round.
  • Communication and etiquette play crucial roles in resolving such situations.

Dealing with Frustration

One Redditor empathizes with the original poster, proposing an unconventional solution of skipping holes to maintain pace. The sentiment reflects the frustration of being constantly behind slower players, urging for a more efficient round.

Maintaining Course Conditions

Another user sheds light on the importance of maintaining golf courses by following a set order. This comment highlights the balance between player convenience and course upkeep, emphasizing the necessity of certain protocols in the game.

Seeking Alternatives

While some users focus on the inconvenience caused by slow players, others suggest offering alternative solutions. From proposing different playing schedules to inquiring about playing through, the responses showcase the diverse ways golfers handle such scenarios.

The golfing community shares varied perspectives on dealing with slow players, blending humor, practicality, and respect for the game’s traditions. Through these discussions, golfers navigate the challenges of differing playing paces while finding innovative ways to enhance their on-course experiences.