Dealing with Loss: A Golfer’s Journey Without Dad

Golfing without dad is tough but can hold special memories. Learn how golfers cope with the absence of their fathers on the course.

A golfer shares his emotions about playing his first round without his dad by his side. The community responds with heartfelt stories and advice.


  • Golf serves as a meaningful connection to lost loved ones, offering comfort and a sense of closeness on the course.
  • Memories of shared rounds and conversations create a bittersweet experience, making it both joyful and melancholic.
  • The golfing community shares stories of tribute and remembrance, highlighting the enduring impact of playing golf with fathers.

Processing Emotions Through Golf

Many golfers find solace in talking to their deceased fathers while on the course. It helps them feel closer to their loved ones and eases the pain of their absence.

Creating Lasting Tributes

Some golfers have found ways to honor their fathers through golf, like slipping mementos into their caskets. These gestures symbolize the enduring bond and love shared through golf.

Coping with Loss Through the Community

Sharing stories and experiences with other golfers who have gone through similar losses can provide comfort and understanding. The golfing community becomes a source of support and empathy in times of grief.