Dealing with Being Hit in the Face in Pickleball: A Player’s Dilemma

Get the scoop on how to handle a pickleball to the face – glasses and good players recommended!

As a pickleball player reflects on being hit in the face multiple times, the community shares advice, humor, and strategies to prevent future accidents.


  • Being hit in the face is common but can be prevented with protective gear.
  • Player’s skill level may influence the frequency of face hits in pickleball.
  • Partner dynamics can impact a player’s risk of injury during games.
  • Humor and camaraderie soften the blow of face hits in pickleball.
  • Safety First

    Players emphasize the importance of wearing protective glasses to prevent injuries during games, highlighting the need for safety gear in pickleball.

    Skill vs. Accident

    The discussion delves into the correlation between player skill levels and the likelihood of getting hit in the face, debating the role of expertise in avoiding such incidents.

    Partner Dynamics

    Community members share their experiences with partners of varying skill levels, illustrating how playing with different teammates can impact one’s game and risk of injuries.

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