Dayton Scores Big with Posh Alexander Commitment: Fan Reactions

Dayton fans react to Butler transfer Posh Alexander committing to their team – is it a win or a loss?

Dayton secures Butler transfer Posh Alexander, igniting mixed reactions among fans.


  • Fans express optimism about Posh Alexander’s addition to Dayton’s roster.
  • Some fans reminisce about his past accolades in the Big East.
  • Mixed emotions surface regarding Alexander’s departure from Butler.
  • Dayton supporters laud the team’s acquisition as a significant pickup.

Posh Alexander’s Impact

“Seems like a decent add. We really need some depth in the guard department.” – ApacheKillbot

Dayton fans are hopeful that Posh Alexander will bolster the team’s guard depth, indicating a positive outlook on the acquisition.

Butler’s Loss, Dayton’s Gain

“Disappointed he left, not 100% why, but good luck to him. He did a lot for us in that one year.” – Glittering_Seat_7294

While some Butler fans express disappointment over Alexander’s departure, Dayton fans see it as a valuable addition to their roster.

Posh Alexander’s Journey

“He was on Butler? Dudes on his third school in three years. He trying to be the JT Daniels of college basketball but where he actually starts?” – buckeye2114

Discussions arise regarding Alexander’s transfer history, prompting comparisons to other athletes who have changed schools frequently.