Darryl Strawberry’s MLB Regret: Leaving Mets for Dodgers in 1990

Discover why Darryl Strawberry considers leaving Mets for Dodgers his biggest regret in MLB.

Exploring Darryl Strawberry’s regret of leaving Mets for Dodgers in 1990 and fans’ reactions.


  • Darryl Strawberry’s departure from the Mets to the Dodgers in 1990 is regarded as his biggest regret in MLB.
  • Some fans attribute his regret to heavy drug use during that period.
  • Returning home may not always bring the anticipated ease.
  • Fans acknowledge Strawberry’s remarkable journey and accomplishments in baseball.

Fans’ Insights

Darryl Strawberry’s decision to leave the Mets and join the Dodgers in 1990 resonates deeply with fans, evoking various sentiments. Some fans, like GoatGosselin, humorously mentioned, ‘Cocaine is a hell of a drug,’ alluding to the challenges Strawberry faced during that phase of his career. NotActuallyaPanda highlighted the impact of heavy drug use, proposing that it might have been Strawberry’s true regret. In contrast, Reallife0303 emphasized the emotional complexity of ‘coming home,’ suggesting that the transition back to familiar territory is not always straightforward. Fearless_Offer9106 commended Strawberry’s resilience and success, mentioning the retirement of his number as a notable achievement. Revroy78 shared a personal connection, reminiscing how Strawberry was a favorite player among his little league teammates during that era.

Resilience Amidst Regret

Darryl Strawberry’s career trajectory reflects a blend of triumphs and regrets, showcasing the complexities of professional sports. His openness about the decision to leave the Mets underscores the vulnerability that accompanies success in the MLB. Fans’ observations encompass a range of perspectives, from acknowledging the challenges of addiction to celebrating Strawberry’s perseverance and accomplishments. The nostalgia tied to Strawberry’s era transcends mere sports fandom, resonating with individuals who witnessed his journey firsthand. Through the lens of regret, Strawberry’s narrative becomes not just a cautionary tale but a testament to resilience in the face of adversity.