Darren Waller’s Retirement: A Giant Decision or Music Calling?

Fans speculate on Waller’s retirement reasons after 1 season with the Giants.

After a short-lived stint with the Giants, Darren Waller shocked fans by announcing his retirement. Let’s dive into the Reddit discussion to uncover the sentiments and reasons behind this unexpected move.


  • Speculations arise on whether Waller’s music career influenced his retirement.
  • Some fans attribute Waller’s decision to his one-season experience with the Giants.
  • Debate surrounds Waller’s retirement in relation to his former teammates and the team’s performance.

Music Over Football?

Commenters pointed out that Waller might be leaving football for his blossoming music career. ‘I guess his music career is really popping off,’ one user joked.

Quarterback Woes

Some fans humorously connected Waller’s retirement to playing under Jones, suggesting it might have been a contributing factor to his decision to step away from the field.

Memorable Moments

References to past reports and training camp experiences highlighted the sentimental value fans attached to Waller’s time in the league.

Throughout the discussion, mixed feelings surfaced regarding Darren Waller’s retirement from the NFL after a single season with the Giants. Fans offered a blend of humor, speculation, and analysis, underscoring the complexity of the situation and diverse reactions within the community.