Dan Hurley Turns Down Lakers Offer: Fans React

Dan Hurley’s decision to turn down the Lakers offer sparks mixed emotions among fans.

Dan Hurley’s decision to turn down the Los Angeles Lakers’ offer and return to college basketball has ignited a flurry of reactions from fans.


  • Fans express surprise over Dan Hurley choosing college basketball over the NBA.
  • Money is not the main factor for Hurley’s decision, according to fans.
  • Fans commend Hurley’s loyalty and passion for the college game.

Fans Express Surprise

One fan noted the discrepancy in reported contract amounts and expressed shock at Hurley’s decision, indicating a potential missed opportunity for the NBA.

Fans Praise Hurley’s Passion

Another fan praised Hurley for his unwavering commitment to his college team, quoting his famous line, “IM NOT F*****G LEAVING.”

Intense Reactions

Fans describe Hurley as a unique and passionate individual, with one fan expressing excitement in a colorful way, likening the news to a bombshell.