Dallas Stars Eliminated from Stanley Cup Playoffs: Fan Reactions

Dallas Stars fans are devastated after losing to the Edmonton Oilers in 6 games. See how the community is reacting.

After a tough loss to the Edmonton Oilers, Dallas Stars fans are left reeling. The Stanley Cup Playoffs took an unexpected turn with this elimination.


  • Fans express shock as the 2-9-1 Oilers advance to the cup final.
  • DeBoer joins a notorious list in Conference Finals history.
  • Discussion on the geographical significance of Cup finalists.
  • Corey Perry’s record achievement resonates with the community.

Stuart Skinner’s Heroics

Many users highlight Stuart Skinner’s unexpected standout performance leading the Oilers to the cup final despite initial doubts about the team’s ability.

DeBoer’s Defeat

Fans discuss the unique record that Pete DeBoer now holds, reflecting on the challenges faced by head coaches in the NHL.

Geographical Significance

A lighthearted take on the latitudinal distance between the arenas of the potential Cup finalists sparks interesting conversations about hockey’s geography.

Corey Perry’s Legacy

The community celebrates Corey Perry’s rare achievement of appearing in five cup finals with five different teams, showcasing the caliber of his career.