Dallas Cowboys to Open Season Against Browns: Fans React to Brady’s Broadcasting Debut

NFL fans share mixed feelings on the Cowboys facing the Browns in the season opener and Tom Brady beginning his broadcasting career.

Responding to news that the Dallas Cowboys will kick off their season against the Cleveland Browns, NFL fans expressed a mix of surprise and anticipation. The matchup is further amplified by being Tom Brady’s inaugural game as a FOX broadcaster.


  • Fans shocked by Cowboys facing Browns in season opener
  • Some excited for Brady’s broadcasting debut
  • Fans reminiscing about past prime time game openers
  • Anticipation for potential Brady zingers during broadcast
  • Initial Reactions

    One fan questioned the absence of Cowboys vs. Giants in week 1, showing disappointment.

    Another user found the matchup random when considering it as Brady’s first game on FOX.

    Cowboys Comparison

    A fan humorously noted Dallas as fellow ratings kings, hinting at their popularity.

    Comparisons were drawn to previous Cowboys QB announcers, highlighting the humor in the situation.

    Prime Time Absence

    Fans were surprised by the Cowboys not receiving the Week 1 SNF slot, expressing shock at the decision.

    One fan lamented the absence of a prime time opener, given the team’s history.